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One more (Scandinavian) hero

Welcome all, to All Hallow's!

It's a wonder how November, instead of traditional grey, turns more and more orange, with the omnipresent pumpkin lanterns and remains of the Indian summer still in the air. However, in spite of October's sunny weather and rich colorful leaves, I was treading bleakness, war and pain.

It was difficult to decide which of the books I read this month should be singled out as the most significant, because - in fact - all of them got eclipsed by a single short story from the anthology of Polish fatasy (Herosi, 2012). Jeszcze jeden bohater (One more hero) by Robert M. Wegner is set in a cyberpunk future. Counting roughly 60-70 pages, the story shows people trying to colonize space and fighting hopelessly not against aliens, but against demons and their own psyche. Some of the heroes are Zawisza (called after a prominent Polish knight, Zawisza Czarny) and a Catholic nun, who helps soldiers to ward off depression with her prayers. I wouldn't like to reveal more about their identities: you can read it for yourselves here: It is really powerful, but then - it is only a short story.

Marvel's entries this month consist of - more or less - different parts of Hulk arc. I have to admit they are interesting, but there comes a point in which you can't reward Marvel anymore. This is why I decided to give the Book of October to Ake Edwardson - only because I could not reward Wegner. Edwardson is the author of Scandinavian police thrillers. His Wołanie z oddali (The Shadow Woman, 1998) is not exceptional - it is all you expect from the convention, perhaps even slightly boring. Erik Winter is yet another frustrated policeman, painstakingly solving the case, while at the same time trying to form a mature relationship with his girlfriend. It is enough for relaxation with a book, but disappointing in comparison to more impressive texts I have encountered in the passing weeks.

Overall, I am sure the book of November will be better. Erik Winter, foreshadowing real winter, perhaps, was not that bad, but it should not be listed in the same categories as, e.g., Twardoch. This month's dilemmas are indicators of further changes that are perhaps necessary in the overall classification.

I reserve my judgement on this year's Nobel until I read any book by Munro, which I hope will be this year.

May your evenings be long enough to contain all the coming books!

piątek, 01 listopada 2013, merryminstrel

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