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Tales from the border

Opowieści z meekhańskiego pogranicza: Północ-Południe (Tales from the Meekhan border: North-South), Robert M. Wegner.

Enough said.





Although, after a while of consideration, perhaps I should put in a word or two about this Polish writer. The entry for the Book of November was delayed because I was still wavering in my decision. I am currently getting a constant influx of books which react pretty strongly with my reader sensitivity, so it is hard to be objective. Besides, I have to consider the variables, like being a part of a series, being a short story, being an imposed reading, etc. And I hate how Wegner has no respect for aesthetics, plunging us right into a cannibal cult, excrements and violent deaths from the start. And yet - I read on.

For one thing, the collection of stories, first in the cycle, is remarkably well-written. It's a pity it's not translated yet into English. It should do well. The book was published in 2010 and it's a sweeping epic tale, the chapters of which are only loosely connected. The North follows the exploits of sturdy Mountain Guard, led by Kenneth-lyw-Darawyt, whereas the South concentrates on Yatech, a master-swordsman, much Prince-of-Persia style. Both heroes are extremely likable.

Each story is like a separate episode, but slowly it grows on you that they are all a part of a huge and detailed imaginative world, with thousands of years of history and teeming with various cultures. The author leads the reader up to the final story with admirable skill. Although some of the scenes he describes are repulsive, and the decisions his characters make are sometimes the choice of lesser evil, the heroes manage to retain - or recover - their integrity.

If I were to pick holes, Wegner creates conflicts that are just tad bit too tragic. If I were younger, perhaps I would be moved. The force of those scenes, particularily in the North part, holds only on the writing skill of the author.

The following parts are waiting on my shelf. For now, I do recommend Wegner, and hope more audiences will be able to read his works (somebody, translate it!).

poniedziałek, 02 grudnia 2013, merryminstrel

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