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I thought that over Christmas break I would make up for the reading I haven't done over the year, but it turned out that my workaholism did not leave me much time for what I was trying to complete, so for 2015 there will be some should-have-read leftovers. I spent December completely juvenile, worse - badly-written juvenile. After Westerfeld, the difference was acute.

I do not want to say that you can't read Musierowicz or Patterson because of the stylistic quality or strained plot. I hurts, but there are saving graces. In the case of Wnuczka do orzechów*(2014) - it is so endearing, and it really gives you this warm, Christmassy feeling. Obviously, I do not regret it, since I collect Jeżycjada. And I am waiting for the next installment, but. I just hope it returns to the quality of some of the middle volumes.

As far as Maximum Ride, I've been interested in the cycle for years. Having read the first parts, though, I am deeply disappointed. Hack-and-slash page-turner instead of a valid reflection on the bioethical problems like genetic manipulation and hybrids... What a pity. Of course, the cycle is bubbling with imagination, with complete disregard for the writing craft, and it leaves some hope for unfettered thoughts to appear. However, judging from the quality, it seems to be written for kindergarten. But wait: with all the violence? (and there is a lot, trust me) So, there are contentious issues.

All in all, I picked Wnuczka do orzechów as the Book of December, because it was simply better written.

In a couple of days I am going to announce the Book of 2014, so stay tuned!

* the best translation I could think of was Nuts (literal Granddaughter for cracking the nuts is a pun on the Polish equivalent of the nutcracker)

czwartek, 01 stycznia 2015, merryminstrel

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